• Lab models are typically used for lab test milling prior to full production. While some laboratory mill manufacturers may not build large-scale equipment, Umang Pharmatech designs and manufactures lab mills in addition to full-size equipment. Our lab mills incorporate simple scale-up factors that facilitate processing and reduce time to validate and transfer lab results to production.
  • All equipments were designed for full scalability from R&D to full production — with repeatable, predictable results. Our lab equipments have the same process advantages as those of our comparable full-scale equipment, so the results from your sample batches are fully reproducible in full production.


  • We know that some companies experience a hitch when they attempt to scale up from R&D or pilot runs to full-scale production. Scalability is built in to all our pellet and oral thin strip equipment. That’s just one of the intangible benefits of investing in Umang Pharmatech equipment: the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re saving time and money, every step of the way — from the drawing board through R&D to final production.
  • We invite you to consider the complete pellet processing and oral thin films equipments .

High shear granulator is the new mixer range that builds on the proven Umang technology and its benefits. Similar design of process bowl, mixer and chopper ensures that process

Twin Screw extruder is widely used for making pellets of different sizes starting from minimum 400 microns to maximum 2000 microns.

Integrated Mixer & Extruder is a compact design equipment with production capacity of 150 kgs of pellets per hour on continuous basis.

Die Roller Extruder as two rollers one is perforated and the second is knurling roller both are horizontally placed with minimum gap of 0.3mm.

The process involves the deposition of successive layers of an active compound onto nonpareil seeds resulting in the formation of uniform size pellets.