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Wet Granulation

Wet GranulationSieves and mills play a key role in the areas of pharmaceutical industry, food, feed and fine chemicals. Umang offers the know-how for a wide range of different requirements.

  • Sizing of products after fluid bed processing or after wet granulation.
  • Crushing/milling of agglomerates, lumps and compacted products to a desired maximum particle size.
  • Additional for some type Dosage, Classification and separation modes.

  • All Umang sieves and mills are basically made of high grade SS with a ground surface finish.

    Technical Specifications for Wet Granulation :
    MODEL Top Driven Wet Granulation - 150 Top Driven Wet Granulation - 200 Top Driven Wet Granulation - 250 Top Driven Wet Granulation - 300
    Bottom Driven Wet Granulation - 150 Bottom Driven Wet Granulation - 200 Bottom Driven Wet Granulation - 250 Bottom Driven Wet Granulation - 300
    OUTPUT 100-150KG/HR 200-300KG/HR 500-600KG/HR 1000KG/HR

    Click here to download Wet Granulation as PDF

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