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Lab Extruder

Lab ExtruderLab extruder is the screw extruder range that builds on the proven Umang technology of pellet range equipments. The extruder converts Radial extruder with radial type of pressing cams with meshes (300 - 1200 micron) particle size. Axial meshes are available with variable thickness for hard and dense extrusions, Cone extruder with cone type of pressing cams and meshes from 500 - 1200 microns is available as a attachment.

The outstanding feature of the Lab extruder its optimized and compact design. Connections, cabling and supplies are completely integrated, covered and sealed so the outside of the machine is smooth and very easy to clean. As a result of this the our lab extruder is highly flexible, quick product changeover increases productivity and cost effectiveness of operation.

The Lab extruder ranges from 300 gms. / batch to 500 Kgs./batch featuring variable attachments for extrusion. The Lab extruder can be stand-alone or linked to a spheronizer to form an integrated system.

The features of our LAB EXTRUDER are the following:

Standard Features for Lab Extruder :
  • Can be integrated with a mixer or a spheronizer.
  • Variable mesh size possible from 300 -1200 microns.
  • Perfect cGMP-design: smooth covering, no external tubing and piping allowing easy cleaning
  • Completely integrated with touch screen controls.
  • Minimum space required in the laboratory.

  • Optional Features for Lab Extruder :
  • Explosion proof design
  • 21 CFR part 11 certified controls.
  • ADVANCE PROCESS + for easy and automated granulation control
  • Jacketed / insulated extrusion chamber.
  • Video monitoring of the process

  • Technical Specifications for Lab Extruder :
    MODEL Lab Extruder
    Lab Extruder
    Lab Extruder
    Lab Extruder
    Lab Extruder
    Batch Cap./Kgs. 1-4 5-50 30-150 50-400 100-900

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